Industrial Footers and Flooring

ROCKCRETE has served the commercial and industrial market since 2005. We work all over the US and Canada, specializing in the construction of Machine Foundations, Concrete Footings, Industrial Base Pads, Trench Drains, Looping Pits and Press Pits providing … [Read More]


Cutting, Coring, Drilling & Scanning, and Testing

ROCKCRETE has the equipment and ability to take care of all your concrete Cutting, Coring, Drilling, Scanning and Core Testing needs, providing you with a turn key solution. Our experienced staff and state of the art equipment ensure the best results … [Read More]


Trench Drains and Pits

ROCKCRETE have been serving the commercial market since 2005 all over the US and CANADA. We specialize in the design, sales, service and installation of a wide range of residential and commercial Trench Drain Systems and Collection Pits … [Read More]


 Floor Repair, Polishing and Resurfacing

ROCKCRETE USA has been serving the Commercial and Industrial Market since 2005. We currently operate in 50 states, specializing in Floor Repair, Maintenance, Polishing and Resurfacing. Easy to maintain, durable and beautiful; polished concrete, acid stained…. [Read More]


Consulting, Design and Project Management

ROCKCRETE is a full service project management firm with the skill and knowledge to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control projects all over the US and Canada. Capabilities include … [Read More]