2015 Marks the 10th Anniversary of  Rockcrete USA

Rocrockcrete about uskcrete USA started off specializing in the construction of Machine Foundations, Concrete Footings and Industrial Base Pads. Their innovation provided turn-key solutions to a wide range of manufacturing facilities in the solid surface industry. They soon realized the need for an affordable and effective trench drain system and additional employees were hired to help meet the unfilled needs of an expanding customer base.

This company soon became a trusted name in the Trench Drain Industry  and decided to launch their first product line. Rockcrete USA prides itself in having developed the MEGAMAX® INSTA-POUR® trench drain system. This trench drain system, specifically designed for the stone industry, is the only trench drain system on the market of its kind which resulted from a combined effort of engineers and installation crews in the field looking for a more efficient way to build trench drains. The final product and key features of this trench drain system eventually resulted in a much more “User Friendly, Customizable, Versatile, Less Labor Intensive and Affordable” product. As the company expanded they started offering products, services and project management to serve a large variety of industries including the Mining and Water filtration industry.

In the past 10 years, Rockcrete USA has successfully completed projects in 28 states and in Canada. They are excited to see what the next 10 years may bring and look forward to continuing to meet and surpass your expectations while expanding their services across the entire United States and Canada.
Thank you!