Garage Floors

image004Imagine an attractive garage floor that’s easy to clean and maintain, enhances lighting, and leaves you free from worry about stains or spills. For years, the most significant drawback to any garage floor coating installation was the amount of time required for installing and curing before the garage could be fully utilized and put back into service again. Well those days are long gone! Our floor coating installations are installed in one day in most cases, even if it is cold. We only use an industrial diamond grinding machine to prepare the concrete instead of acids or chemicals that can damage your concrete foundation, pollute the environment or damage your garden. Only by grinding to bare concrete can we give your floor the best surface to receive our coatings.


Clean and Smooth Appearance

Smooth and Even Surface

Wide Selection of Colors and Designs

Increase Light Reflection

Prevent Concrete Dusting

Impact Resistant

Resistant to Oil and Most Fluids

Ease of Cleaning