Epoxy Flooring

image034For several decades, many industrial and commercial businesses have been installing epoxy flooring onto concrete floor slabs as an economical and practical means of turning structural concrete slab into an attractive working floor quickly and inexpensively. Commercial epoxy floors are easy to clean up, chemical and stain resistance, and pleasing to the eye. In past decade, epoxy floors have evolved into what can be considered decorative epoxy floors. With a wide range of concrete stains and/or metallic color powder pigment technology, an ordinary concrete floor slab can be quickly transformed into a granite or marble like looking showroomimage031 or retail floor for life for a fraction of the cost of the real stone floor. Another advantage to decorative epoxy floor finishes is that it produces a seamless, unique, mirror like floor without the conventional grout lines you get with tile installations. Metallic Epoxy is a very good option that is cost effective and leaves a great impression.


Protect Slab from Discards

Increase Corporate Image

Wide Selection of Floor Coatings

Increase Light Reflection

Prevent Concrete Dusting

Impact Resistant

Ease of Cleaning


So next time, when moving business locations or renovating the current store or office location, consider the beautiful and appealing look of metallic epoxy flooring or stained concrete – not just as a warehouse floor, but a floor you can be proud of and enjoy in the office or a retail showroom.

Whether you have an existing floor that is in need of concrete repair, maintenance, polishing or resurfacing, ROCKCRETE has a crew ready to take on the challenge.